About Me
Thanks for visiting. I am a Colorado-based photographer that has a passion for world travel and capturing the beauty around me. My blog chronicles my travels and images and contains helpful tutorials for those that share my passions.
After earning a BA in Organizational Communication from the University of Colorado in 1988, I started a graphic design business with the help of the desktop publishing revolution and the Apple Macintosh in the late 1980’s. My design pursuits then lead to a 23-year career in marketing and investor relations for the high technology industry, doing everything from launching technologies and products to developing advertising campaigns and implementing corporate communication strategies.
I have since hung up my corporate hat to get back to my roots and pursue what I love, which is making the best images possible for my clients and connecting with others that enjoy doing the same.
My motto is “A Day Not Wasted” and through my own pursuit of photography, I hope to inspire others to find their own passion in life and pursue it daily. Every day we wait to find and live our life’s passion is a day wasted. I have met so many that say “I have always wanted to try that,” but for some reason, do not take the first step. I have always told my son that when his feet hit the floor in the morning, he should be excited about something he is going to do that day.
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